Juror Qualifications

You must be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age, a resident of the State of Florida and Jackson County, and possess a driver’s license or identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. If you do not possess a driver’s license, you may complete an affidavit, which may be obtained by calling the Jackson County Clerk’s Office at (850) 482-9552, or by visiting the office located in the Jackson County Courthouse.

Jury Summons

Names are randomly selected from the list of names supplied annually by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
Consequences for failing to appear for jury service

Any person who is duly summoned to attend as a juror in any court and who fails to attend without any sufficient excuse shall pay a fine not to exceed $100. Any such failure may also be considered a contempt of court in the court to which the juror was summoned.

Disqualifications and Excusals from Jury Duty

According to Florida Statutes, you may not serve as a juror for the following reasons:
You are currently under prosecution for any crime.
You are a convicted felon and have not had your civil rights restored.
You serve as the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, clerk of court, or judge.
You may request to be excused for the following reasons:
You have served as a juror in Jackson County within the past 12 months.
You are an expectant mother or a parent who is not employed full-time and have custody of a child under six years of age.
You are 70 years of age or older.
You are a fulltime federal, state, or local law enforcement officer or investigative personnel for these entities.
You care for persons who, because of mental illness, mental retardation, senility, or physical or mental incapacity, are incapable of caring for themselves.
You are a practicing attorney or physician, or have a physical infirmity.

Payment for Jury Service

Jurors who are regularly employed and receive regular wages during jury duty are not entitled to compensation for the first three days of jury service. Jurors who are not regularly employed or who do not receive regular wages during jury duty are entitled to $15.00 per day for the first three days of jury service. Jurors who serve more than three days will be paid by the State for the fourth and subsequent days of service at the rate of $30.00 per day.

Examination of Jurors

When jurors are called to a panel for a particular case, the judge and the attorneys will ask questions regarding jurors’ backgrounds. This process is called “voir dire,” which means “to speak the truth.” These questions are not meant to embarrass. Instead, they are designed to ensure that members of the jury have no opinions or past experiences that might prevent them from making an impartial decision. Excusals from jury service should not be taken personally. When jurors are excused, it means only that there are proper and lawful reasons for the excusals.

Length of Jury Service

The first day of service is normally limited to jury selection for trials held during the following week. Jurors selected to serve cases will be asked to return and serve on the dates of that trial. Most trials last one day.
The dress code for court is general business attire. Casual attire is acceptable. However, you should not wear tank tops, shorts, or flip-flops.

Important Things to Remember During the Trial

Jurors should observe the following general rules of conduct:
Be on time for court. The trial cannot proceed until all jurors are present.
Sit in the same seat in the jury box. This allows the clerk, judge, and lawyers to identify you more easily.
Listen carefully. It is important that you hear every question asked and every answer given since your verdict will be based on the evidence given. If you do not understand any portion of the trial, you should ask the judge to explain.
Do not talk about the case. You should not talk with anyone about the case. This includes the clerk, lawyers, judge, bailiff, and other jurors, unless you have retired to the jury room for deliberations. If anyone tries to talk to you about the case or attempts to influence you as a juror, you should report it to the judge immediately.
American Disabilities Act (ADA)

If you are a person with a disability who needs any accommodation in order to participate in the proceeding, you are entitled, at no cost to you, to the provision of certain assistance. Please contact the Jury Department, 4445 Lafayette Street, Marianna, Florida 32446, (850) 482-9552, within two (2) working days of your receipt of this jury summons.