Jackson County Clerk of the Circuit Court is issuing electronic certified official records as well as Certified Court Records now. Electronic certified copies can be ordered via phone ( 850-482-9552 ), walk-in to the Court house or On-Line.  Each electronic certified document is created using advanced cryptographic techniques and is tamper-proof. An electronic copy is valid forever and is certified with a unique digital signature of the Clerk of the Courts.

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You will need the latest Adobe Reader DC installed to use electronic certified documents.

Upon ordering an electronic certified copy, you will receive the certified document via email sent from the Clerk’s office (No-reply@jacksonclerk.com). Upon opening this document using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the software will verify the authenticity of the document and confirm the certifier and whether this document has been modified since it was issued by the Clerk’s office.

 You can even print the electronic certified copy and use it for your purpose. If you would like to verify the authenticity of the hard-copy document, go ahead and scan the QR code on the first page of the document and it will prompt you to download the original document from Clerk’s repository for an online side-by-side comparison. 

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