All future Jackson County Foreclosure sales will be online beginning February 16th, 2023. 


Jackson County Bidder Training Foreclosure Flyer

The following will guide you in the new process. 

Please visit, you will be able to view bidding instructions, view properties set for online sales, make deposits, bids and final payments. 

What are the Plaintiff Requirements?

  1. FS 45.035(1) $70 shall be assessed for services in making, recording, and certifying the sale and title, which service charge shall be assessed as costs and shall be advanced by the plaintiff before the sale. The plaintiff or plaintiff’s counsel can pay the $70.00 Clerk Fee through the Clerk’s office or via the e-Portal when filing Proof of Publication of Notice of Sale.
  2. FS 45.035(3) The $59.00 service fee for conducting an electronic sale shall be assessed as costs and paid when filing for an electronic sale date. Each time the sale is scheduled or re-scheduled, the Plaintiff is required to pay the $59.00 service fee. The payment can be made via the e-Portal when filing the Notice of Sale.
  3. The Plaintiff shall ensure that a Notice of Sale is published as required by law and the proof of publication is filed with the Clerk of Courts. The plaintiff or plaintiff’s counsel is required to publish the foreclosure sale in accordance with Florida Statute 45.031.
  4. If any of the above 3 requirements are not met, the foreclosure sale will not be held.

What is the procedure for obtaining Plaintiff Access?

In order to have access to the cases you will be managing you must first register an account. Be advised that registration is global so once you have obtained a User Name and Password you will be able to log in to any RealForeclose site in which you will be managing cases. Once the registration is created, an email requesting Plaintiff Access should be sent to Customer Service at, with the following information:

  • Name of County
  • User Name
  • Name of Firm
  • Sale Date
  • Case Number

An email confirming access to the Manage Cases module will be sent upon completion.

Once an account has been granted Plaintiff Access it CANNOT be used for participation as a 3rd party bidder. It would necessitate creating a separate funded account in order to place a bid on an auction as a 3rd party which means the 5% deposit requirement must be met as well.

The successful bidder is required to pay for the documentary stamps on the Certificate of Title which is calculated at $.70 per $100. In addition, a registry of court fee is required which is calculated on the bid amount — 3% on the first $500.00 and 1.5% on the balance.

A purchaser at a judicial sale takes the property subject to any defects, liens, encumbrances and all matters of which the purchaser has notice or of which the purchaser could have obtained knowledge. The Clerk’s Office DOES NOT guarantee clear title to the property.

Please direct questions to a deputy clerk at 850-482-9552 ext. 111.

***Questions regarding surplus, please email***